Immersive rooms (CAVE)


Stereoscopic vision immersion system with position tracking of one or two users (CAVE)

Specifications: 3m-sided cube, 5 immersive sides, active stereoscopic visualization with 4K Christies projectors, 8 ArtTrack infra-red cameras tracking system, possibility to have double monoscopic viewpoint for collaborative work

Keywords: virtual immersion, advanced visualization, CAVE, stereoscopy, tracking, double viewpoint, collaboration


Light and modular system for stereoscopic vision immersion with user's position tracking (CAVE)

Specifications: 3.20m-sided cube, 2 immersive walls (front + floor) or 4 immersive walls (front + sides + floor), active stereoscopic visualization with ultra short focal length projectors, 2 infra-red cameras tracking system, one rendering server (with one Nvidia Quadro5000), 3D 2.1 sound and Spidar-based haptic system

Keywords: virtual immersion, advanced visualization, CAVE, tracking, low cost, haptics