Examples of projects

Each year, the students of the Master program have several projects: in pairs during the theoretical periods and individually during the internship periods.

Technical projects (in pairs)

Virtual sculpture (2nd year, 105h, 2015-2016)

Students: Guillaume LUCAS and Clément SADAUNE - Supervisor: Sébastien GERIN

The objective of this project is to design an application to create virtual shapes in an easy and intuitive way.

To this end, implicit surfaces were used. The user, using an interaction device such as the Flystick, places spheres of variable sizes than can merge with other spheres, or continuous lines. It is hence possible to create virtual objects easily. The created virtual object can then be exported to a 3D printer, then be printed.

Horse carriage training simulator (CaRTS) (2nd year, 105h, 2014-2015)

Students: Dorian BECKER and Antoine LASSAGNE - Supervisor: Jean-Rémy CHARDONNET

The objective of this project is to design for the Haras Nationaux of Cluny (professional horse riding training center) a performant and realistic horse carriage simulator.

To this end, a rein system was designed on a Spidar base (motors and wires used for force feedback) controled by an Arduino board. Thus, the user feels the tension of the horses and must exert more or less high forces to control the speed of the horses. The virtual environment was developed under Unity3D and represent a typical path in a horse carriage competition.

Chal'enge projects (2 weeks, in pairs)

All the Chal'enge project can be viewed at the dedicated Chal'engeAM website: http://chalengeam.institutimage.fr.

Visualization of an animation of a mold in virtual reality (2018-2019)

Students: Omar BAKASS and Damien MAZEAS - Supervisor: Jean-Rémy CHARDONNET

The objective of this project is to design an immersive application of visualization of an animation of a mold, that enables a customer to better understand the mold he ordered and more precise feedback. This project was realized for MMI.

The project was designed under Unity3D and ported to an HMD.

EasyBox (Application allowing to choose the right packaging from a photo of the object) (2017-2018)

Students: Louis JEANNIN and Nicolas CALIGIURI - Supervisor: Jean-Rémy CHARDONNET

The objective of this project is to design an application to help people immediately find the best packaging suiting an object, by measuring the size of the object in augmented reality. This project was realized for La Poste.

The work consisted in the creation of an interactive application under ARToolKit.

Master internships (individually)

Immersive application for implicit motor learning (2nd year, 6 months, 2015-2016)

Student: Clément SADAUNE - Supervisors: Christophe GUILLET, Frédéric MERIENNE

The objective of this project was to propose an immersive application allowing persons with Alzheimer disease to slow down the progress of the disease.

The idea is to use motor functions of the person, by asking him/her to perform an everyday life task. Several physiological and psychological measures on healthy subjects were realized to show the efficiency of the application.

Virtual immersion for assistance in design (2nd year, 6 months, 2012-2013)

Student: Yuan GAO - Supervisors: Jérôme PAILHES (ENSAM Bordeaux), Frédéric MERIENNE

This research focused on the application of virtual reality to the design of river joints in aeronautics. The design has several objectives and greatly depends on the knowledge of experts which is hard to formalize. This work aims at solving this issue by integrating virtual reality as a user interface in this process.

This work was implemented in the interactive table and the CAVE system of institut image. Preliminary experiments showed that this method is efficient in improving the user performance rather the stochastic optimization algorithm proposed in the PhD thesis of Arnaud Collignan.