English Courses 2nd year

2nd year

The year is decomposed into two semesters: one theoretical semester and one practical semester.

1st semester

449h of courses with 195h of projects. Most of the courses are taught in French, however, the materials are in English and some of the courses are in English.

TU 1 - Research methodology (36h)

  • Scientific approach methodology - Definition and role of a researcher, definition of a scientific issue, comprehension and presentation of a scientific article
  • Experimental study for virtual reality - Setup of experiments in virtual reality
  • Data analysis - Statistical analysis tools (mean, standard deviation, ANOVA, PCA, ...) for data analysis after user experiments

TU 2 - 3D imagery and immersion (37h)

  • Vision systems - Description of the principles of vision systems and basic knowledge for augmented reality
  • Multi-sensory interaction - Study of different sensory modalities to interact with virtual environments
  • Virtual reality: principles and applications - Methods allowing the use of the most adapted virtual reality technology to a specific application and taking into account human perception models
  • Augmented reality - Principles of augmented reality

TU 3 - Digital modeling and tools (34h)

  • 3D modeling - Modeling of a virtual object for real-time rendering using dedicated softwares
  • 3D real time programming - Use of a 3D scene editor for interactive applications with elements of C++/C# programming useful for the development of applications
  • Interface in virtual reality - Principles to launch applications in visualization environments (CAVE, HMD, ...)

TU 4 - Knowledge of the entreprise (46h)

  • Entreprise strategy and marketing - Show that marketing techniques are particularly useful to an engineer to succeed in managing characteristic features of technological markets
  • Industrial talks and visit of companies - Discovery of businesses and applications of virtual reality

TU 5 - Projects (195h)

  • Senior project - Developement of a functional application on a specific topic. Done in pairs
  • Chal'enge project - Challenge consisting in developing within 2 weeks a functional application in partnership with a company of the Grand Chalon agglomeration and the French Chamber of Commerce, presentation in front of a jury composed of companies and officials of the Grand Chalon agglomeration. Done in pairs

Examples of projects

TU C1 - Man-machine interaction (12h)

  • Interactive systems - Different interactive systems other than those used in virtual reality, for instance robots and smart environments, and different interactions techniques with these systems
  • Human-machine interfaces and interactions - Theoretical essentials and development techniques of human-machine interfaces with applications in the field of virtual reality

TU C2 - Perception in virtual environment (24h)

  • Perception in immersion - Basics of different principles of perception in a virtual environment
  • Cognition of the Perception-Action coupling - General introduction to the human motor control
  • Perception of motion and driving simulation - Link between virtual/augmented reality and driving simulation, challenge of digital technologies in the automobile industry, perception mechanisms in motion simulation

TU C3 - Digital mockup (41h)

  • Digital pipeline for virtual/augmented reality - Fundamentals of virtualization
  • Preparation of digital mockups for virtual/augmented reality - Operations to transform a digital mockup in an exploitable mockup in virtual/augmented reality
  • Mesh techniques - Introduction to methods and its implementations for mesh processing
  • Animation of digital mockups - Allow the animation of physical/mechanical systems

2nd semester

Master internship (6 months)

Done individually in a company or in a laboratory, the internship must address a scientific issue. At the end of the internship, the required delivrables are:

  • A comprehensive report
  • A defense
  • A scientific article to be published or already published

Examples of projects