English Courses 1st year

1st year

The year is decomposed into two parts: one theoretical part and one practical part.

1st part

845h of courses with 340h of projects. Most of the courses are taught in French, however, the materials are in English and some of the courses are in English.

TU 1 - Software tools (120h)

  • Algorithmics - Introduction to algorithmics
  • Object oriented programming - Elements of C++/C# programming useful for the development of applications
  • Image processing - Elements for object recognition through image processing

TU 2 - Engineering (60h)

  • Electronics and rapid prototyping - Arduino programming and introduction to rapid prototyping tools
  • Computed aided design - Design of mechanical parts and assemblies using CATIA
  • 3D digitalization - Introduction to 3D digitalization techniques and technologies
  • Haptic systems - Technologies of force-feedback for interaction with virtual environments

TU 3 - Virtual environments (132h)

  • 2D computer graphics - Discovery of 2D computer graphics softwares such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  • 3D modeling - Modeling of a virtual object for real-time rendering using dedicated softwares
  • 3D real-time programming - Design of 3D real-time interactive applications using Unity3D
  • Augmented reality - Introduction to techniques and technologies to design interactive applications in augmented reality

TU 4 - Methods (78h)

  • Value engineering - Principles on a systematic method to improve the "value" of goods or products and services by using an examination of function
  • Agile software development - Basics of methods of software development through optimization
  • Design and innovation - Basics of innovation through design
  • Innovation engineering - Basics of creativity and methods allowing to keep being competitive through technological innovation
  • Entrepreneurship - Principles to start a business from an innovation
  • Scenography - Basics of performance design

TU 5 - Management and communication (115h)

  • Professional communication - Methods to convince customers
  • Communication media - Basics of creating efficient communication media
  • Team management - Methods to take into account the societal dimension of work
  • Industrial talks and visit of companies - Discovery of businesses and applications of virtual reality

TU 6 - Projects

  • Programming project - Developement of a simple application. Done in pairs
  • Virtual reality project - Developement of a simple virtual reality interface to be coupled with the programming project. Done in pairs
  • Junior project - Developement of a functional application on a specific topic. Done in pairs
  • RV team project - Developement of a functional application on a specific topic to be presented in a virtual reality fair. Done in pairs
  • Chal'enge project - Challenge consisting in developing within 2 weeks a functional application in partnership with a company of the Grand Chalon agglomeration and the French Chamber of Commerce, presentation in front of a jury composed of companies and officials of the Grand Chalon agglomeration. Done in pairs

Examples of projects

2nd part

Internship (4 months)

Done individually in a company, the internship must address a technological issue. At the end of the internship, the required delivrables are:

  • A comprehensive report
  • A defense