Valorization & Conferences


The technological platform PeTRiiV of the institute develops technological tools for research, teaching, transfer as well as innovative projects.

The PeTRiiV technological platform is composed of a team of 10 engineers, technicians and computer graphics designer for the development and the maintenance of the virtual immersion technologies of institut image (software and hardware).

Institut image aims at maintening its PeTRiiV platform by:

  • Development of software tools for virtual immersion
  • Technical team of engineers
  • Proofs of concept, demonstrators

Technological issues adressed by the technical team are as follows:

  • Multi-modalities in VR
  • Interactive high performance visualization
  • Software tools (on Open Source)
  • From high level to low cost VR systems

Development of start-up companies

The institute has developped three start-up companies based on its technologies and created by some of its engineers:


VR technologies for the cultural domain
Created in 2006
10 people


3D sound technologies for virtual immersion
Created in 2007
3 people


Mobile augmented reality technologies for cultural heritage
Created in 2013
5 people

International conferences


Created in 2009 by the institute, this conference is linked with ASME. The first edition was held in Chalon-sur-Saône in 2009, the second in Ames (USA) and the third in Milano (Italy).

Driving Simulation Conference

Co-organized with Renault and Université Gustave Eiffel, it is held every year.


Journée de Géométrie Algorithmique

The Journées de Géométrie Algorithmique gather (almost) every year the French community of research in algorithmic geometry. They last for 5 days in general. The institute organized these days in 2012 at Arts et Métiers Cluny campus.

Joint laboratory with industry

Virtual immersion laboratory

The institute developed with Renault a joint laboratory LiV (Virtual immersion laboratory) Arts et Métiers – Renault between  2011 and 2021. This joint laboratory allows to expand the collaborative research projects done with Renault on the topics of driving simulation and interaction with the digital mock-up in a virtual environment.